• Linda Lee

You Left Your Throne

Thou didst leave Thy throne and Thy kingly crown, When Thou camest to earth for me; But in Bethlehem’s home was there found no room For Thy holy nativity. O come to my heart, Lord Jesus, There is room in my heart for Thee. (Baptist Hymnal, p. 121)

If you have access to a hymnal, you might want to look at the rest of the song. We did not sing it much when I was a child, nor do we sing it now. It is a beautiful song, but it is not peppy like Joy to The World or Hark the Herald Angels Sing. The words by Emily Elliott are amazing, and they follow the life story of Jesus. The first two verses are about His birth and the other three about His life. The publishers could not decide where to place it in the hymn book because of that. They chose the Christmas section.

Do we stop at this time of the year to think of what Christ did for us? He lost His perfect home to live on a very imperfect world, have no home to call His own, be accused of everything, abused beyond belief, and finally died on a cruel cross for all our sins. That is some kind of love.

The last line of Verse 5, “My heart shall rejoice, Lord Jesus, when Thou comest and callest for me”. Now, that’s a Christmas present we can keep forever. Don’t ever take for granted what Christ did for you and me!

Forgive my lateness. It is the week after Christmas now, but Merry Christmas to you my sweet friends and family. I would not have made it without you this year. God has blessed me so. I celebrate even though it has been my first Christmas without my loving husband. I celebrate because he is in such a better place, not suffering, and is with The King of Kings. Merry Christmas, my love, you are missed but cherished.

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