• Linda Lee

Who Says I’m Old?

He renews your youth - You are always youg in His presence. Psalms 103:5

If that ain’t enough of a reason to hang with God, I don’t know what is! We put too much emphasis on age, especially as we grow older. God always sees and takes care of me as His child, no matter my age. That makes me feel very secure as it should you. I may be getting old and feeble, but God sees me as His child, His creation, His delight, His treasure; God sees me as His. I am not young or old, big or small, Republican or Democrat, I AM HIS.

Robert Frost once said, ”A person will sometimes devote all his life to the development of one part of his body - the wishbone.” How many times have you wished for something you didn’t have? We all have what we need...except me. I had to help God with my blonde hair.😉 Don’t wish your life away. Live your life as you with much help from God.

I am having a whole lot of trouble lately with time. I find this very funny as I have more time, now, than I ever did when I was young. Yet, we all have 24 hours a day. I talked about this a few weeks ago with some friends of mine when we were looking at time and how much of it we spent with God. I believe God wants us to spend our time wisely, but productively. What is productive for me, may not be for you. I come from that generation where we are suppose to be productive all the time (today’s generation has come full circle). I am a list and schedule maker, and I get joy from checking things off (counseling did not help). All of a sudden, I can’t make the list much less do it. God not only loves me in my old age but also in my non-productive age. LINDA (your name) - Be STILL and Know I AM GOD!

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