• Linda Lee

Who Is Your Neighbor?

You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Gal. 5:14

I think the big question is, “Who is my neighbor?" The basic definition of neighbor is someone who lives next door, but it also says someone who is the closest. The closest to you and me? Now that covers a lot of territory!

Do you even know who your neighbors are? It is hard these days to get to know them. What a shame! I remember as a child that these people became like family. I do know that we could depend on them (you know cup of sugar and all that).

I truly try when someone moves on to our street to make and take something to them. That used to work. People seemed to be happy to get a meal and at least give you their names. This doesn’t seem to work anymore, so here is my new strategy: MAKE EVERYBODY YOUR NEIGHBOR.

Recently, my daughter and I went to the movies (Jesus Music, great movie, go see it). We were two of the total of four who attended. My daughter (never-met-a-stranger kind of girl) spoke to the other ladies as they climbed to their seats. Several times during the movie, we agreed or said something out loud to each other. After the movie, we met in the hallway to discuss how good the movie was. We found out that the older lady had a talented daughter who played the violin. She gave us her CD, Lori Sykes, if you want to check her out. We didn’t hesitate to share with them about our star and told them where to find her music. (OK, Linda, what does that have to do with anything?) We were four women, taking a little time to get to know each other. They might not live close to me, but at that time, they couldn’t have been any closer. They were my neighbors.

We are all so busy; we can’t even call each other! My husband, who is with Jesus. hated texting. He wanted to hear those voices. When was the last time you actually visited face to face with someone? Make an effort this week to make someone your neighbor!

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