• Linda Lee

What Do You Fear?

I sought the Lord, and He answered me; He delivered me from all fears. Ps. 34:4 MS.

What do you fear? There is probably not enough paper for me t0 list everything. I have always been a scaredy CAT. I am not proud about this, but now that I am a senior citizen, new fears are cropping up while some of the old fears are disappearing. Has the world gotten better or has it gotten worse? The media leads us to so much stuff that is not real, nor will it ever be. So what’s my new bravery? I have sought The Lord, He is the only One who will protect us in all this craziness.

We are living in a world where good has become bad, and bad has become good! Talk about our upside down world! I truly believe that God is SHOUTING at us! Are we listening? We have an amazing God who wants to protect His children. Put your trust in Him and let that fear go.

We must keep seeking Him, otherwise, we will be scaredy cats all the time.

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