• Linda Lee

What Are You Fighting About?

So let’s agree to use all our energy in getting along with each other. . . . .help others with encouraging words, don’t drag them down by finding fault. Romans 14:19

This scripture is based around what to eat, or not eat. Seems silly doesn’t it? I question now, in our day, what are we fighting about? Most of us would say politics. Politics has become such a sore subject, we can’t even bring it up among our friends and relatives. Each side believes they are right. The question becomes: Can we fight fairly and in love?

I know the devil is in the midst of all this. He comes to kill and destroy. We must stand together now, as Christians, to love and honor God. I am certainly not telling you to stop fighting for what you believe! I am asking you to speak with love, not hate. Our emotions seem to get the best of us. If we go to God first and ask Him to help us with our words, He will lead in such a way that we can show love and not hate.

I certainly don’t have the answers, but God does and He is in charge. Depend on Him to help you. You may be the only light someone will see (does that put a guilt trip on us?).

I know we are to love, because God is love.

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