• Linda Lee

Opportunity or Not?

Make the most of every opportunity. Colossians 4:5

God gives us many opportunities in life! We either don’t see them or choose not to see them!

We look at the parting of the Red Sea, or water being turned into wine, or something really big! Our God is a the Master of big things and also especially small things.

People need to see Christ's love in you as you live your everyday ordinary life! We do not know what God does with some of those small acts of service. He truly is the Master of us all. If we choose to accept whatever He has for us, we will be blessed while we honor the King of Kings.

We are in strange times, now, and really don’t know what to do in many of these new happenings. I do know that God wants us to be kind to others and honor Him at all times. We are so on edge with each other and ourselves. The lesson is so easy: love others, but also love yourself! Don’t let opportunities get by you. God uses them to help and teach His children.

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