• Linda Lee

To Listen or Speak?

Drop everything and listen, listen as I speak: Psalms 95:7

When do you listen? When someone else is talking or are you just waiting so you can jump in at the first possible moment. Do we talk more than we listen? I KNOW I DO! Do I ever get quiet long enough for God to speak to me?

There is so much noise today. Right now on my “quiet cove” are construction crews. Right now on my cove are the loudest birds ever. (Sorry, Lord, some of them are so loud even though they are precious.) Right now on your quiet street (fill in your blanks).

I am now at a point (well sometimes) where I can get quiet and listen. God wants to speak to you and me. REALLY! Let’s get ready. We need to calm down and focus on what is good, true, and of God. God speaks in so many ways: His Word, nature, others, and even in silence! Be still and know that I am God.

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