• Linda Lee

Just Smile!

A cheerful disposition is good for your health, Doom and gloom leave you bone tired.

Proverbs 17:22 (Mess.)

Have you thought about the way we greet people during the last two holidays ”Merry”

Christmas and “Happy” New Year. Both greetings express joy. We certainly seem to be happy during the holidays, but, boom, it is January. When I taught school, we measured time by counting the days until the next holiday. We looked forward to the weekends. Have you ever heard anyone express joy for Monday? We have to do better because there are a lot more regular days than holidays and weekends!

A new year is supposed to represent new beginnings. I do not do resolutions anymore because I break them as fast as I make them. Instead of resolutions, let‘s try for changes of the heart. The first part of the verse tells us if we smile it makes us healthier; the second part tells us we won’t be so tired. I think that change would benefit all of us, especially ourselves. Do I think we can be happy all the time? Well, NO, but I can put on a smile and not dwell on the bad stuff (I actually know someone that does this). Her name is Savannah and she sings as well as smiles (we can’t all sing, but we can all smile).

Everybody alive has problems. I know, yours and mine have to be the worst, right? Can’t you just hear someone say “When someone gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

I don’t want lemonade; I just want to feel better and not bring others down!

Dear God, ”Thank you for today even though it is not a holiday. Thank you for Jesus. He gives me a reason to smile no matter what."

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