• Linda Lee

Go to the Lord

Oh! let me rise in the morning and live always with you. Psalms 139:18

Where do I go but to the Lord. Where do any of us go now? Our world has been turned upside down. There is illness, riots, unrest, confusion, and calamity, but there is always Jesus! Yes, He is always with us.

If you look in the Living Word of God, you will see history repeating itself. We have been getting into trouble since the beginning when there was only two of us! What’s wrong with us? We are all sinners, all of us. Where do we go, but to The Lord. He, and Him alone, has the answers. Get down on your knees, ask for forgiveness, and accept Him with all you have. Get up and live with Him, go to Him with everything, love Him with all your heart.

There is No Where to go now but to Him. I am at peace because I live with Him. He is with me now and forever. Go to Him!

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