• Linda Lee

His Love Never Runs Out

Oh, Thank God - He is so good! His love never runs out. Psalms 106:47 (mess)

During these last 15 months or so (Covid Era) we have been worried about running out of “stuff”. It seemed so surreal that we were having panic attacks about toilet paper, wipes, and roll towels. Most of us have been so spoiled with our ability to get what we need when we need it. Have you been guilty of complaining because you could not get your brand of whatever? Well guess what never runs out - God’s Love.

I am finding out that I can do without a lot of stuff, but I know I can’t do without God’s Love. God is love. Maybe that is why the concept is so large. The God of the Universe loves me and that love never runs out. Think about that for a few minutes. Are you overwhelmed?

God has been so good to me this last month. This has been a very difficult time for me and my family. The harder the situation became, the more God poured out His love. Why do I forget that God can do anything. I think sometimes we have all had a Red Sea parted, so NO JUDGING for us.

Start humming, or singing, or whistling:

Your love never fails

It never gives up

It never runs out on me!


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