• Linda Lee

His Love Never Quits

Thank God because He is good, because His love never quits . . . .His love never quits. . . .His love never quits. Psalms 118:1. Message

Bad days seem to be more frequent now. Maybe it is my age, or the world condition, or my aches and pains, but they keep coming. Life is hard, but God is good! His love never quits. That does it for me, and hopefully for you too.

I can’t fix a lot of things, but God can fix everything. We keep throwing a lot of things at Him, but He keeps on catching them, because He is God (sometimes He uses these things to teach us). I am having one of those bad days, but I am asking God to use it to His Glory, not for my comfort. I am trying not to linger because God doesn’t want me to, and there is too much to do! I don’t know where we are going, but God does and He has got us (you and me). Praise God!

I ended with a song last week - No Never Alone. I am doing that again today: God’s love never gives up, it never gives up on me! I think I will get back on my horse and keep on riding to my destination. God will be waiting. He never quits, neither can you and I.

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