• Linda Lee

God’s Love Never Quits

God remembered us when we were down, His love never quits, rescued us from the trampling boot, His love never quits, takes care of us in time of need, His love never quits, thank God who did it all! His love never quits. Psalms 136:23 - 26. (Mess.)

Have you ever watched the energizer bunny on TV? I have always wanted to be him, but guess what, even he runs out of energy. God does not run out of energy nor anything else. He never quits especially with love for us.

I hope that brings you comfort. We are headed into the holiday season which can bring great joy, but also great sadness. You may be in a sad season or lucky enough to be in a glad season, Everybody has both. The world has been so full of turmoil the last few years for everybody. I am not going to name even a few of all those things, but I would like to mention just a few of all of our blessings: a home, food, health, friends, family and most of all GOD. He never quits loving you and me (no batteries required). Maybe you lost a loved one, had a car wreck, just plain don’t feel well - guess what? - God‘s love never quits! Read all of Psalms 136. God remembers us up or down - His love never quits.

I listened to Steve Harvey yesterday about allowing our brains to decide the day. You and I pick or decide which side of the bed to get up on. Unfortunately, we then push that negative button on, or we surprise ourselves with the positive button.. The pluses add up all day. Now ask yourself, would you rather end up on the plus side or negative? Would you rather be a positive person or negative? Try the positive, I think you will like it, either way God’s love never quits!

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