• Linda Lee

Glory to God

Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God!

- 1 Corinthians 10:31

My small weekly blog seems to get harder and harder to get out. I am trying to get organized (which I used to be) but can’t seem to find anything this year. However, stay with me, I am going to get better with God’s help.

God laid this verse on my heart, today. Because I don’t drink or smoke, I thought I was okay with the 'eating thing.' Guess what?! I eat sweets like a dog eats bones, and I don’t drink water. I don’t think either of those habits glorifies God. Sweet stuff and I have had a love thing going on my whole life. Is chocolate in the Bible? Surely it is! My daughter is even a diabetic and grew up in a house full of sweets! (Yes, she is still alive and well, today, to tell the tale.)

I don’t like water. Let’s stop and think about all the folks that don’t have enough water. I can go to a faucet anytime, night or day, and get water! It seems somewhat foolish to say that I don’t like water. I have bought every type of water container: cute glasses, cups, bottles, straws - did not help. Maybe, I should have prayed for God’s help.

(Another confession, I don’t feel well! Too much sugar, NO water - I wonder?)

I don't know what your demon is. I know mine. I do know this verse tells me that whatever I am doing, I should do it to the glory of God. Maybe I should slow down on the sweets! Maybe I should drink water! Maybe I should glorify God with my life!

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