• Linda Lee

Don’t Miss God’s Handiwork!

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Sing to God a brand new song. He’s made a world of wonders. Ps. 98:1 (paraphrased)

Do you remember when you were young and the world was such a wonder? I remember trips where I was amazed at some of the things I saw. When I go to those same places now - NOT SO MUCH WONDER! Have these places changed or have I gotten accustomed to God’s magnificent creation? There is so much wonder and beauty in the world, yes, even in the midst of Covid!

The ocean has always blown me away. How can anybody look at the ocean and not know there is GOD?! Stop wherever you are and look around. The way the sun comes up and goes down, the rich colors of the different seasons, an old tree, you and me . . . God thought of everything. God has made a world of beauty. No matter our age, the world is full of great wonders. Don’t miss them; they were made with so much love.

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