• Linda Lee

Darkness or Light?

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness but rather expose them.

- Eph. 5:11 (NIV)

There is a joke around our family about what Mother (aka me) can and cannot watch on TV. My children sensor me. While that may be funny, it is really very sad.

Who remembers being able to go to a movie without curse words and sex? That was slipped in so quickly, and now we are so desensitized, we don’t even hear them.

Who remembers Tipper (Tippa) Gore, the lady who tried to sensor music? Now, our music not only has curse words, but some of the words encourage violence, chaos, and hate.

The computer has information that no one should be able to get, much less a child. Some of that filth comes up even when you didn’t ask for it! Unfortunately, most children (our precious babies) can find anything! Really, anything! Some of these things place pictures in their minds that can’t be wiped clean.

Why do we have such violence and hate, even in our kids? How much time do our children spend on video games? Some of the school shootings, violence on the street, and suicides can be linked back to video games.

Am I a prude? Am I a Christian? You bet. People, we have to fight evil; it is overcoming us and swallowing our babies. I am ending with a song that we use to sing in church. We need to sing it everyday, now.

Be careful little ears what you hear

Be careful little eyes what you see

Be careful little feet where you go

Be careful little hands what you do

There’s a Father up above And he’s looking down in love

Be careful what you do!

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